Mixing Rosco Litepads with Off-Camera Flash

I've just completed a post reviewing the cheapy Youngnuo YN460 manual hot shoe flash and thought it would be good to share my lighting for the review pack shot with you. This is an interesting exercise as I have mixed both flash and a continuous daylight balanced LED light sources.

This is the wide shot of my lighting set up, click on the image to view larger:
  1. Rosco Litepads 12 in x 6 in running from a mains transformer 100% output
  2. Mid grey PVC background clamped to the studio bench to provide a curve or scoop continuous background
  3. Elinchrom Mini Spot Lite with venetian blind gobo. Light source is a Canon 550 EX Speedlite with Gel Clip and Rosco full CTB gel for effect. This was well out of shot, probably 4ft 6in or so. Speedlite on manual 1/8th power, fired with a radio trigger.
  4. Rosco Litepads 12 in x 6 in running from a mains transformer with in line dimmer 25% output
  5. Manfrotto Proball 468RC
  6. Canon 50D with 50 mm f1.4 lens at f2.8 - not too sure why, it just felt good at the time. Maybe I should have used a smaller stop?
  7. Salon studio stand. A solid piece of heavy metal that I once used with 5 x 4 film view cameras! Rock solid for long or slow exposures.

This the first frame with just the back 3/4 Rosco Litepad (1). The camera was set to Av (aperture priority) to gauge the base exposure.

I then fired a second frame, and as luck would have it, the exposure for the Mini Spot Lite (3) is right where I wanted it:-))

The back plate of the flash lacks detail so a second Rosco Litepad (4) was added with an in line dimmer to control the output. The frame above was at 1/3rd power. Notice where the blue light hits the flash head that it is darker than on the grey cyc. Worth remembering when lighting backgrounds if you want a richer, more intense colour.

Personally 1/3rd power is a little too bright so I dialled the output down to 2.5 on the dimmer. Subtle but effective. I have also changed the angle of the gogo in the Mini Spot Lite to give a more dynamic diagonal line to the effect light. This is the frame used at the head of the YN460 blog.

With the Elinchrom Mini Spot Lite you can focus the front lens to give a sharper or softer effect. In this shot the detail in the gobo is lost to give a blue wash of light.

That's it for now. Off to do some work on Gel Clips.

Happy snappin'.



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