Tuesday, 28 June 2011

News from Moo - The Online Printing Company

Online printing company MOO now has round and rectangular stickers, 40% off until the end of June! http://moo.com/link/h7ar

Well worth a look.

I'll be back in the loop soon after neglecting the blog for sometime. A lot going on at present with some exciting new content coming soon.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fotothon 2011 - Galleries are Live

A massive thank you to everyone who turned out for Fotothon yesterday. The Fotothon crew had a great day and met some wonderful people.

Entrants have now started to upload their images to the galleries at http://fotothon.smugmug.com/ContestGalleries and if the Chimping Contest yesterday is an indicator of the talent out there and quality of images created, we are going to have our work cut out with the judging.

Have to go now in order to get ready for a full day tomorrow, including the first London SMUG where I'll be doing a short lighting live demo "Strobology - The Art & Craft of Photographic Lighting with Small Flash". I have a couple of set-ups to show, so if you do come along, bring your camera,as there may be an opportunity to get a few shots!

And last of all, we must not forget everyone who made Fotothon such a success, you know who you are, come into the spotlight and take a bow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Check out the Foto Thon Facebook page for comments and feedback on the event so far.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Fotothon 2011 - Entry Fees

We've had a few queries regarding entry fees for Fotothon 2011, so I thought it best to clarify a few points:

  • You're welcome to turn-up and pay on the day, even if you have not registered. But do bear in mind that we will not have the facility to take payment by any form of plastic card - cash only on the day.
  • If you do want to come along on the day and need to pay by plastic then you'll need to go to our secure online booking page and make your payment before registering at the start point.
  • Fotothon will be checking-in entrants from 10:30 AM with the event running "officially" from 12 Noon to 11:59 PM. You can enter at any time on the day up until 5:00 PM at Eclectia Gallery & Studio, Brighton Marina Village.
  • Buy One, Get One Free offer has been extended to 11th June, so it's not too late to book.
See you on Saturday - 4 days and counting!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fotothon 2011 - 7 Days & Counting

Here at Fotothon HQ we're busy bringing everything together for next weekend - yes, Fotothon 2011 Brighton is less than a week away. Chris, Ben & I would like to thank all those involved in bringing the event together and for supporting the event.

The guys at www.smugmug.com and www.fastlinemedia.com have done a cracking job of revamping www.fotothon.co.uk and developing an uploader for entrants which is simple to use. Thank you Justin, Markham & Rocky, it's good to know you're on the team.

Rocky from Smugmug will be joining us in Brighton on the 11th June - she is travelling from the USA to meet everyone and be part of the fun that is Fotothon 2011 BRIGHTON! There's also another reason, Smugmug are launching a series of SMUGs - Smugmug Meet Up Groups in the UK - SMUGs are where photographers meet, socialise, talk photography and normally there will be a guest speaker. The first UK SMUG will be London on Monday 13th June and then back to Brighton on Tuesday 14th for the inaugural Brighton SMUG at Eclectia Gallery & Studio, Brighton Marina Village.

I'll be at the first UK SMUGs talking about Strobology - The Art & Craft of Photographic Lighting with Small Flash. It's a bit like Strobist but I respect David Hobby so will not use his trademark name. At the Brighton SMUG there may be an opportunity to get onto the beach for some shots with a model* - if you're interested in this register your interest at the SMUG MeetUp.com page above - the more the merrier.I may even have some Elinchrom Quadra Ranger RX 400j battery flash with me;-)

Big light from small flash - Strobology

Eclectia Gallery & Studio
Kirstie Blake at Eclectia Gallery & Studio is the Fotothon saviour - you may have noticed our change of start venue? I can't say too much, I'm sure you'll understand. Kirstie has stepped in and agreed that we may use her studio as both our start and Chimping Venue.

Car Parking
We've have a few enquiries concerns regarding car parking in Brighton on what looks like a busy sunny weekend - in our experience parking at Brighton Marina is easy and free, especially if you aim to reach us before 11:00 AM. There's big car park close to the studio and if all else fails there's always Asda across the way, but there you'll have to pay or do your shopping!

 A fine example of Brighton Street Art by Banksy
Bring along a companion. It's a bit like having a golf caddy along with you - a non-player that yo can bounce ideas off and a second set of grey cells to work with you. Non-entrant companions need not pay an entry fee.

Entry Fees
This weekend there's a 2 for 1 offer at www.fotothon.co.uk, but you will need to go to the secure online booking form to find it!

Also checkout our supporters - they all have been given free tickets for their customers, if it's not obvious that they are offering them, contact them and ask, you never know, you could benefit from a freebie;-)

Come on students - we're doing a special rate which means when you book a group you get your ticket for LESS THAN HALF PRICE - there's also a student prize provided by Rosco Labs of a Litepads 12v LED lighting kit valued at over £500! If you're not part of a group you can get your ticket as a concession for £12.00.

Camera Clubs
Why not have a day out by the seaside? There's the Special Cook Camera Club trophy for the best club entry. Why not have your own competition on the side, be spontaneous and come and join the fun. As a group you can also book using Student/Educational group rate, effectively giving you half price tickets.

Keep any eye on this blog over the next few days for content that may help with the clues - we're not releasing the clues until we see you the 11th June - but the information here may just give you some help. . .

We all look forward to seeing you next weekend.


* If the tide is low come prepared to get wet - I've a couple of ideas for shots we may be able to do in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!