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DxO Pure RAW - RAW file Pre-processing software

 A few weeks ago I attended an online press conference for the new DxO PureRAW RAW file processing app.
 DxO PureRAW has been designed to bring new life into RAW files, some of which were previously unusable or taken with gear which is now obsolete. It’s now possible to shoot images using high ISO settings and process the images with PureRAW.
 DxO DeepPRIME technology is an artificial intelligence designed for developing RAW photo files. Trained through deep learning using millions of images analysed by DxO's laboratories, it delivers a revolutionary improvement to digital noise reduction while also de-mosaicing photos more effectively. 
PureRAW uses smart technology and a library of over 60,000 camera and lens combinations to remove noise and grain from images. It even differentiates between ultra-sharp areas and bokeh effects. Pure RAW accurately reveals details in files allowing images to be enlarged without worrying about decreasing the quality. 
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