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Working in the rain with battery flash


Until the advent of modern portable battery flash I have been careful about working outside in wet conditions with any kind of flash equipment in view of the potential dangers with high voltages etc.

Recently I started a shoot for my Heart of UK Wine blog project and within a few minutes of setting up the rain began - I decided to continue even though I omitted to pack any protective covers for either the lights of my camera.

What you can't see from the images is how hard it was raining, but you get an idea when you see the images of the gear involved - the Pixapro CITI600 with the 65cm portable beauty dish soft box functioned without fail for around 30 minutes. I'm sure the gear would have continued to work had I needed to shoot for longer. Even the ST-IV trigger on the camera hot shoe continued to function as specified.

When finished I meticulously wiped all the gear with micro fibre clothes I keep in my bag & wrap gear in for addition pr…

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