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Protect your photography gear - don't let rain stop play

For those of us that live and work in the UK, the weather will almost always feature in conversation during the day, especially rain!

There are any number of protective covers designed specifically for your gear. Personally, I opt for nothing more than transparent heavy-gauge rubbish bags. Those sold by DIY stores or builders merchants are ideal. I carry a couple which have been cut to fit cameras and portable battery flash with a beauty dish.

But what if you don't have any protective cover with you, which recently happened to me when I took off in a hurry? Gaffers tape is the answer. I wanted to shoot with flash outside to give the shots some punch. In order to protect the flash I sealed all the joints with gaffers tape to reduce the possibility of the ingress of water!

We all know that gaffers tape comes on large combersome rolls, so I transfer a few meters onto a till roll core - ask at your local store or supermarket. They recycle dozens every day.

The finished image isn&…

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