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Location lighting with Pixapro (Godox) Flash

My thanks to Amateur Photographer magazine for including one of my images in the feature “Exploring lighting options with the pros” Tuesday 17 November 2020 edition. This prompted me to expand this and a another image from the assignment. Background is a secluded cabin on a private lake in the South Downs National Park about 10 miles from Brighton and close to rural Ditchling village. The owner needed a series of images to show the cozy, idyllic lakeside retreat on their website and on various booking portals. Photography The brief was broad from exterior lifestyle sunlit images, people enjoying being on the water, lit interiors and evocative exteriors. The two images featured here are worthy of mention as they show with knowledge and experience what can be achieved. They did not happen by chance. I enjoy the challenge of location shoots, previsualisation and planning are essential. Time of day, camera and lighting positions all need consideration. As do models

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