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Natural light bottle shots

I recently saw a photographer advertising bottle shots, their website text stated "expensive lighting is needed to achieve professional bottle shots". I'm sharing this image to prove this not the case.

I'm sharing this image to prove that this may not be the case. Knowledge, experience & understanding light and lighting are more important than gear. Gear enables the photographer to create their vision.

The key light to the left of frame is a 6'x4' window with a close weave net curtain. The natural light was heavy diffuse cloud from a open sky. This was then diffused by a 30"x20" piece of Tough Frost diffusion gel (Rosco Cinegel 3008, LEE Filters 220) attached to a sheet of clear acrylic for rigidity.
The background is a old rough sawn wooden apple box. Light is prevented form reaching the background by means of a piece of black card acting as a flag. There's also a piece of card above the box preventing top light on the box.
To frame right is …

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