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Daylight Product Photography with Manfrotto TriGrip and Skylite Rapid

During the summer of 2021 I was asked to photograph Brighton Gin's new range of RTD Ready To Drink pre-mixed cocktails . Along with the usual white background packshots I shot a series of outdoor images using daylight and flash. On the day I decided to photograph this set-up clouds were moving across the sky creating an ever changing lighting scenario. I order to create consistency I decided to use a Pixapro CITI600 TTL /Godox AD600 with a deep 10 inch/25cm reflector as my undiffused key light. Shadows were filled with a Manfrotto (Lastolite) TriGrip difflector. The difflector is a clever design - a white diffusion fabric with soft gold metallic strips printed on one side - a 3-in-1 soft gold or white reflector and 2 stop diffuser. The Manfrotto (Lastolite) Skylite Rapid 1.1x1.1 metre frame was fitted with a 0.75 stop scrim which provides minimum diffusion without the milky effect of a 2 stop scrim. This reduced the light on the background without blocking the shadows.     The

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