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One from the archive - Pasta, Rice & Grains

Sadly I've neglected this blog as my personal project documenting British Wine Makers is becoming a larger project than anticipated with the rapid growth of wine making in UK.

I've had a small clear-out & came across a few transparencies shot on 120 roll & 5"x4" sheet film during the mid-1990s.

Pasta, Rice & Grains was created for the cover of Natural Products News to a very specific brief - a blue shadowless background whilst maintaining the shape & colour of the different pasta, rice & grains in the shot.

I'll not take credit for arranging the food stuff on the glass, that was down to the art director. It was up to me to light the frame and not trash the set in the process, which incidentally was no more than 16 x 20in overall.

I decided to shoot on 5"x4" transparency (positive) film for in camera control from front & rear standards. The camera would have been set-up before the image was arranged on the …

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