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One Speedlite Adaptor - Many Options

Portable battery flash has revolutionised the way many photographers work, especially since the introduction of the compact lithium-ion (Li-on) battery.

If you own a Speedlite or the any of the new generation of small portable battery flash such as the Pixapro LI-ON580 MkII, PIKA 200 or Hybrid 360 (Godox V860II, AD200, AD360), sooner or later you’ll want to mount your flash to a light stand and use light modifiers or shapers.

One option is to use the Pixapro SMART Speedlite Adaptor (Godox Speedlite Bracket) which features and standard ⅝” female light stand receptor and a clamp to secure the flash in place. The SMART Speedlite adaptor is available to fit both Bowens S-Type & Elinchrom EL soft box & modifier fittings; the outer ring fits the majority of pop-up soft boxes and umbrellas with shafts unto 8mm are accommodated with a secure locking screw.

When mounting your bare bulb flash in the bracket you’ll notice a gap between the flash tube and mount - with a Speedlite this isn’t …

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