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One Light Off Camera Flash Portrait

Off camera flash describes the use of hot shoe flash mounted away from a camera and triggered remotely by a wireless trigger placed in the camera hot shoe where a Speedlite would normally reside. Great portraits can be created with relatively inexpensive and simple gear. Most photographers have a hot shoe flash or Speedlite. Taking the flash off camera and modifying the light opens so many creative options. This one light portrait was published in Amateur Photographer magazine issue 25 June 2021 as part of the feature “Successful portraits on a shoestring”. The portrait was lit with a bare Speedlite or hot shoe flash off-camera, diffused with a 40 inch/100cm white transluscent or shoot through umbrella with the flash zoom set to 20mm. Due to space constraints I couldn’t mention flash coverage or additional diffusion which can directly affect the quality of light falling on your model. With Speedlites we must consider that the flash tube is zoomed to adjust the flash beam coverage. A

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