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Cone of Shame Macro Photography Light Diffuser

Have you ever wondered what to do with the Cone of Shame once your pet has recovered?

Why not use it as a light diffuser? Most are made from translucent flexible plastic with minimal colour shift, so making a idea conical diffuser for overhead close-up & macro photography.

I used one for a cat, for larger objects you could use one for a dog. If you don't have pets, I'm sure your local veterinary surgery will sell you one.

A single Elinchrom Quadra* head with 13.5 cm reflector & diffuser cap provided sufficient coverage to light a sparkling wine cork close to 1:1 life size reproduction on a full frame sensor.

The flash head is mounted on a Manfrotto Magic Arm for ease of positioning. In my opinion a essential grip accessory for any lighting photographer or video film maker.

*Although succeeded by the ELB400 & ELB500 TTL the original Elinchrom Ranger Quadra still remains in use where shutter speeds shorter than 1/200th second are not required. A versatile studio flas…

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