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DxO NIK Collection 4 - it's worth upgrading NOW!

Early in June 2021 DxO launched a significant upgrade to their NIK Collection of eight plugins for for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, DxO PhotoLab and Serif Affinity. I’ve been using a pre-release version for a few weeks now, I’m impressed with improvements overall, especially to layout and workflow. Adobe Lightroom users can replicate adjustments using the Last Edit command. Photoshop users have new Meta Presets which combine setting from multiple NIK plugins into a single action. The suite includes a range of 200 exclusive presets and creative effects and a number of retouching tools covering every aspect of creative photography from colour and white-and-black photography to analog simulation. It also features exclusive U Point™ technology allowing local adjustments with absolute precision by placing control points in selected areas of your photos. All presets can be adjusted, modified and saved to create your own looks and styles. The original RAW file straight out of camera co

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