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Clamping Flags in a Studio

Flags are opaque panels used to control the light falling on various parts of a image. They can be of different sizes or materials. I favour black foam core board, the kind available from hobby, craft & art stores as it's lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

Positioning flags is straightforward with the aid of light stands, booms and various clamps.

Clamping Flags I have four types of clamps I use regularly (left to right above):

Manfrotto 175 Justin Clamp - not doubt the strongest jaws. Will clamp flags without movement.A Clamps - these vary in strength and can be prone to slipping on round light stand riser.Fold back clips - the kind of thing used to bind bundles of papers. They are of limited use for fixing flags to light stands, but are great for fixing Black Wrap/Cinefoil to soft boxes etc.
Manfrotto 375 Multiclip - better for hanging flags from booms vertically or for creating barn doors on lights, another form of flag controlling the light emitted primarily from open fa…

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