Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN460

Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN460

This is a manual only hot shoe flash of Chinese origin suitable for Strobist and off-camera flash lighting. The YN40 features a bounce and swivel head, turning through 270 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees from front facing to vertical with an inbuilt optical only slave.

The back panel is a simple layout with rubberised switches operating directly onto the PCB (printed circuit board). There are 3 operating modes M manual giving 1/64th to full power, S1 which works really well with Canon Speedlites, or other Speedlites using a pre-flash system as a slave and S2 for Speedlites that do not use a pre-flash system.

YN460 features:
* 33 Guide Number, making this about half the output of a comparable Canon, Nikon, Nissin or Sigma unit
* In-built mini bounce card and wide angle diffuser
* Bounce/tilt head 270 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical
* Audio charge indicator
* 1/64th to 100% power output adjustment
* Built in optical slave for off camera flash
* Plastic stand with a metal 1/4 in Whit threaded insert - unlike the stand supplied with manufacturers units
* Powered from 4 x AA alkaline or Nickel Metal Hydride cells
* Fixed flash tube with no zoom facility.

The door to the battery compartment is a little flimsy and would not stand up to regular use or some who is heavy-handed or clumsy VALs (Voice Activated Lightstands) aka assistants or helpers.
Power adjustment is simple and by default is 1/64th from left to right in whole stop increments.

In my tests, the optical slave trigger works well in low ambient light situations, but not where there in high ambient light i.e. outdoors on a sunny day. Um, could be a good unit for the British weather. Maybe not, I would draw the line at using this one in the rain.

For the optical sensor to work it needs direct flash light to within about 30 or so degrees of the red sensor window. It does not work with weak indirect or bounce flash.

Overall this is a value for money unit, costing only £36.89 from a UK based Ebay seller. 

If you are starting out and experimenting with Strobist lighting then this is cheap starting point for you. With plenty of practice and the right modification and control you will be able to create some stunning images.

Pack's rating 4**** or 80%


  1. Hi there, I have a quick question. Does this flash uses a preflash when using rear curtain?


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