Poladroid Revisited

Here is montage of a series of images I shot recently for a workbook I use on one of my portrait photography workshops. After spending an hour or so processing the images to send to Jamie & Kim for their books, I decided to tinker with the killer Poladroid standalone Mac/PC app!

I initially wrote about Poladroid in 2009 and have used it a couple of time since, mainly to get a retro look with some family snaps. All of the above images started life as 6"x4" colour or mono jpeg files which were dropped onto the Poladroid app. The cropping occurs on some images due to the format of the prints - personally I think this adds to the authentic retro look! I've processed some frames two or three times to test the variability of the process, and true to the blurb, the unpredictable results are consistent, if that makes sense?

This app appeals to me because of the flash & sound effects when you begin the process!

Well worth the effort of downloading and having a play, and don't forget that the image files created are large enough to print via your desktop printer or even the local mini-lab.


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