Poladroid.net - Some Retro Fun

Here's a fun way of giving your images a cool, retro Polaroid look without having to go through the motions in Photoshop.

First of all visit Poladroid.net and download the app in either Mac or PC flavour. Follow the simple installation instructions and away you go! Make sure you have your speakers turned up as part of the experience is the sound.

All you need to do select an image and drag and drop it on to the Polaroid camera on your desktop and the fun begins - like a Polaroid camera of old the app with "eject" a print, complete with sound effects, to your desktop and the image will begin to appear before your eyes. Just like the real thing, it's not an instant process and to add greater authenticity, the end results will be random and include smudged finger prints, dust, scratches, vignetting and way off colours. And just like a Polaroid film pack, you can only create ten frames, as film packs only had ten sheets, you then need to restart the app!

Here are the images created in the video.

The images are saved at a respectable 402 dpi as jpeg files. These images have been resized for this blog.




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