As Black Friday approaches I decided that it's time to try the much talked about Pixapro CITI400 TTL.

First impressions are very favourable - build quality is good. Aesthetically pleasing design including a circular flash tube with a reflector reminiscent of the Profoto OCF off camera flash heads. The Godox mount reflector can be removed and a Bowens S-Type mount fixed in place with four hex screws. Mounts are also available for Elinchrom, Profoto & Broncolor light modifiers & accessories.

The CITI400as supplied with the protective cover in place.

The protective cover removed to reveal the flash tube and built-in reflector.

The built-in reflector removed reveals the Godox bayonet mount which is a smaller diameter that the Bowens S-Type adaptor which is fixed in place by four fine screws (supplied).

The Godox mount reflector can be removed for use as a protective flash tube cover for the other brand mounts. It's not obvious how to separate the two parts and the supplied instruction book currently doesn't illustrate this.

 You'll need to take a firm grip on either end of the reflector and give it a firm pull to separate the two parts.

 Once separated, the left part (above) has the Godox mount. The other part on the right is an extension rim.

 With the Bowens S-Type adaptor in place, the reflector fits directly into the Godox mount.

That's it, protective cover in place.

The supplied carry case has been designed to accomadate the CITI400 PRO TTL with a mount for other flash brands in place.

That's it for now. I will post updates as soon as I have content available.

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My thanks to Yang Wu, Ling Tan & team at Pixapro for providing such great service. If you're in the UK do support them as they do offer a 2 year warranty on their products and it really does save a pile of hassle by not dealing with a overseas supplier of potentially unknown provenance who may not be there when you need them . . .

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