Sunbounce SunMover Reflector in Use

There are times when a flash is too much as a fill light and the subtlety of a reflector is needed. One the last few weeks I've spent much of my time on location photographing the English wine grape harvest, which this year is exceptional in both quantity & quality.

This is was shot to illustrate bunch size for the Pinot Meunier grapes and how leaf trimming allows more light to help ripen the grapes and air flow to help prevent diseases. More detail is needed in the grapes to show the shape & colour. A small unmodified speedlite off-camera flash as a fill would create a small hard highlight, so I opted for a pop-up reflector.

I used the silver side of the reflector as silver reflects hard light hard & soft light soft, neutrally without changing the colour temperature. The lightly diffused sun providing the back/side light was the perfect fill light, enhancing the shape of the grapes. I tried the white side which had a negligible effect.

I carry a 90cm/32" Sunbounce SunMover white/silver as it's both compact & efficient; these reflectors fold to one third of their open size, so are ideal for photographers on the move.

The oval shape gives a very tight reflective surface and is easier to hold than less expensive 5-in-1 pop-up as there are grips at either end of the oval.

When working with a assistant, it's possible to tune the light by curving the SunMover to a concave shape which concentrates the light, or convex which reduces intensity.



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