Get high with The SPIG

I developed The SPIG as a compact, lightweight & versatile accessory as a EDC (Everyday Day Carry) which fits in a small space in a camera bag - it weighs in around 3oz/75g!

The SPIG has a multitude of uses - sometimes it's desirable to gain a higher view point for a camera.

Here I've used a DJI Osmo gimbal stabilised camera to shoot high level images for a commercial/editorial project.

The SPIG mounts at 90ยบ to the tip of the metal painters pole and the ¼"20 thread is directly compatible with the female thread on the Osmo where the phone clamp fits.

The wifi from the Osmo easily reaches the phone from the top of a 5m painters extension pole. This gives you a high level remote control stills and video camera with the need for a drone!

A totally different perspective to a shot from ground level.

The pole is held in place on the grape vine trellis by lengths of 550lb para cord.

This assignment was shot for my client on a Tuesday and were used by The Telegraph in UK within 3 days!

The SPIG is only available directly from me and ships worldwide - so far it's gone to Hawaii, Alaska, Australia throughout UK, Europe & mainland USA.

The SPIG is capable with the majority flash, strobes, speedlites, hot shoe flash, off camera flash - basically if a light has a 16mm or ⅝" female receptor, ¼"20 or ⅜"16 female thread the SPIG should fit . . .

The SPIG is available on its own or as a Off Camera Flash kit which includes a cold shoe adapter for Speedlites and a high quality ball head.

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