Gelled White Background with Pixapro PIKA200

I recently had the pleasure of spending the day introducing Justin Goh to studio lighting with portable battery flash from the fine people at Pixapro with Ibu Babarinde modelling.

Here's one of my favourite images from the day!

2 x PIKA200 (aka Godox AD200) key light with a 48cm Octagonal soft box specifically designed to fit directly to the PIKA200 & Hybrid360 without the use of a clamp adaptor.

The soft box was positioned to camera left about 12" in front of Ibu, above head height with the centre of the light aimed at his eyes. The front diffuser & provided grid were in place with the beauty dish deflector removed. To darken the lower portion of the frame a piece of Black Wrap was clipped in place with a couple of C47 wooden clothes pegs!

The white background was about 6 feet from Ibu and lit with a second PIKA200 set to very low power with a Rosco Light Red gel attached to the 35mm fresnel attachment by means of a Gel Clip.

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