Creating a gobo pattern backdrop with a Pixapro PIKA200

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This is another favourite from the May Day studio lighting tutorial with Justin Goh in Burgess Hill.

The lighting moved up a notch or two for this sequence of images as we progressed through various modifiers to the 120cm (4ft) octa easy-open soft box from Pixapro - the light was provided by a Pixapro CITI600 portable battery flash, which is becoming a studio favourite as there are no trailing cables and I can get 500 or so full power flashes from one fully charged battery. As I recall the flash was set to around 1/32 power. The soft box is double diffused, in other words both the inner & outer diffusers are in place along with the egg crate grid which along with the soft box being feathered away from Ibu controls spill giving a dark background.  The background is the plain white painted studio wall, nothing fancy.

I wanted to add depth and interest to the backdrop so decided to use a second light with a gobo projector attachment in place. This is where the fun starts as I decided to work exclusively with Pixapro battery flash, my gobo projector is the wonderful *Elinchrom Mini SpotLite in which steel gobos are inserted between two lenses (GoBO = Goes Between Optics).

The Pixapro PIKA200 (aka Godox AD200) fits the EL clamp bracket with a slight modification to the material on the moving clamp. To increase efficiency by stopping backward light leak I use a 144mm Speedring soft box adaptor - in controlled tests this gives between ⅓ & ⅔ stops power advantage with a variety of other modifiers on the S-Type & EL brackets.

To get the the subtle window blind effect I didn't need too much power from the PIKA200, most likely about 1/64 with the flash positioned about 12 feet behind and to camera right - the Mini SpotLite was gelled with a ½ CTB.

The background gobo flash is positioned purely for effect in this image - as you can see the image created by the gobo is somewhat small at this close range!

My thanks to Yang Wu, Ling Tang & team at Pixapro for providing such great service. If you're in the UK do support them as they do offer a 2 year warranty on their products and it really does save a pile of hassle by not dealing with a overseas supplier of potentially unknown provenance who may not be there when you need them . . .

There will be more workshops for both off camera flash & studio flash soon - keep an eye on my social media channels for more information.

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