Pixapro PIKA200 Godox AD200 Group Test

My PIKA200 battery flash from Pixapro in England arrived via Mark Ratcliffe last week (don't ask, long story, thanks Mark!) so before venturing out I decided to conduct a controlled comparative test.

The mains flash was included as this is a “portable” known quantity which is used at locations where main power is available. In 2010 I moved to the Elinchrom Quadra system in view of the true portability and additional 1 ƒ/stop of power. I began using the Godox speedlites last year in view of the lithium-ion battery which gives a high number of flashes without the need for a external battery pack, unlike hot shoe flash from the camera manufacturers and many independent makes. In the UK battery flash means that a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate isn’t needed.

I have to confess to being surprised by the results of my controlled output tests - yes, I’d expect the Quadra at 400 w/s to give a higher ƒ/number, but not the PIKA 200 - I think this is related to the shape of the flash tube and position within attached modifiers giving a more efficient spread of light.

Sizes of kit in the image above are all proportionate.

Multiblitz Profilux 200
Elinchrom Quadra
Pixapro PIKA200 / Godox AD200
Godox V850II Speedlite
Quoted Output (stored power)
200 w/s
400 w/s
200 w/s
80 w/s approx.
Power Source
Mains only
Gel Lead Acid or
Lithium Ion (Li-On)

Lithium Ion (Li-On)
Lithium Ion (Li-On)
Weight - includes all items shown in images
2,328g (5.13 lb)
3,670g Lead acid gel battery
(8.09 lb)

1,142g (2.52 lb)
534g (1.17 lb)
Optical, PC cable, external third party
Elinchrom Skyport, optical, external third party
Pixapro ST-III / Godox X1, optical
Pixapro ST-III / Godox X1, optical
Incident metered output, standard reflector 1m from flash tube, ISO100, no diffusion in place
- all flash at 100% power, multiple pops after full recharge cycle
ƒ/29 - circular flash tube
(ƒ/22 + ½)

ƒ/38 - circular flash tube
(ƒ/32 +
ƒ/38 - 35mm fresnel head, linear flash tube (ƒ/32 + )
ƒ/38 - open face reflector, spiral flash tube (ƒ/32 +

ƒ/18 - fresnel head, linear flash tube zoomed to 35mm (ƒ/16 + )

I'll now be using the PIKA200s on a regular basis along with a Godox Speedlite to make a very portable & lightweight, mobile 3 point flash/strobe lighting kit.

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