PiXAPRO DeepPara90 Parabolic Softbox on Location

I recently took delivery of a Pixapro Deep Para 90 parabolic soft box - I'm waiting for the central pole bracket to arrive so in the meantime have been shooting with the modifier in fixed direct mode giving a relatively hard light without the hot spot experienced with some soft boxes. Being deeper than conventional soft boxes gives a more controlled beam to the light emitted.

For this image I wanted to create a low key look to contribute to the tension created by the angle of
Joe's body and expression.

The Pixapro CITI600 was placed high on a c-stand with the Deep Para 90 parabolic soft box feathered away from the background towards the camera.

Only the internal diffuser was used and the modifier gelled full CTO (LEE 204, Rosco 3407) with the gel held in place with C47 wooden clothes pegs.

My camera was set to record RAW files in order I could correct the orange colour cast in post-processing. A lens cloth from my Lowepro camera bag makes a useful grey when you can't be bothered to walk back to the studio to get the Colour Checker!

With the dark background was created by controlling the ambient light working under the shade of a large tree in my garden and a shutter speed of 1/200th sec. The shade of the tree canopy acted a large flag blocking the direct afternoon sunlight.

The image also works in black & white via Silver eFex Pro conversion.

Variations on the image with post-production notes - the final look being dictated by end use!

I highly recommend the Pixapro brand products available from https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk - Yang Wu and the team offer a superb level of customer service (yes, I have experienced it) both on the telephone and by the website Live Chat!

That's it for now and don't forget if you really enjoy lighting to visit and join The LIGHT Side - a place to learn, be mentored, nurtured and learn about lighting, lighting and photography, whatever your level or experience.


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