PiXAPRO DeepPara90 Parabolic Softbox Studio Portrait

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Joe, a friend of our youngest daughter. This gave me the opportunity to test the PiXAPRO DeepPara90 Parabolic Softbox on my CITI600 TTL head.

To keep things simple I used the single light with just the internal diffuser at a range of about 4' to camera right, feathered toward camera, just out of frame and a foot or so above Joe's head with the flash tube centred on Joe as there's a marked fall-off with this modifier. Light and modifier where on a c-stand for stability.

Joe was sat on an old milk crate and positioned about 6' from the studio white infinity curve allowing the background to render dark grey.

Post processing on this image was pretty straight forward with a dodge & burn adjustment layer and a black & white layer created in Silver Efex Pro for the desaturated look.

I highly recommend the Pixapro brand products available from https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk - Yang Wu and the team offer a superb level of customer service (yes, I have experienced it) both on the telephone and by the website Live Chat!

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