iLux Summit 600 - Quickie Portrait

At the end of October I spent a couple of days in Coventry with the gentlefolk from Michael Weeks Event & Schools Photographers Group demonstrating a number of lighting techniques.

This a quickie frame, maybe the first or second of the day from whomever was at hand, in this case none other than Motocross photographer Colin Brister.

The set up was very simple. A single iLux Summit 600 self-contained battery powered, wireless triggered mono bloc flash head, attached to a painters extension pole in lieu of a light stand via a 1420 VAL Spigot.

The flash head had the standard reflector in place with the diffuser/protective cap removed and in its' place 2 x Multi Clips with a sheet of clear acrylic or perspex with a sheet of LEE Filters 430 Grid Cloth (Rosco #3030) which is basically white Ripstop nylon, the stuff used to make kites & sails.

The VAL (Voice Activated Light Stand) supported the extended (roughly 5') pole on the floor and pointed it toward Colin. Power was set around 1/32 and metered at ISO 160, ƒ/4.0, 1/200th. Canon 5DII, 85mm ƒ/1.8. Colin leant against the rail of a balcony, so the light was leant slightly over the rail and feathered (rotated a few degrees clockwise in this case) slightly toward the camera to mimic the direction of the ambient light.

The underexposed frame without flash. This was around 2 stops under the metered reading.

The iLux Summit 600 renders colours a little cool for my taste so the above frames were warmed in post-production/processing by adjusting the colour temperature. As a guide, I use a ¼ CTS gel to give the warmth I like with these flash heads - LEE Filters 443 or Rosco #3443. These are great lights and at lower power settings, 1/64, 1/32 & 1/16 will keep to 2 frames a second. At full power expect around 5.5 seconds between frames. Can't see that happening much as I rarely shoot at full power unless battling with the sun!

iLux lighting is available from Photomart in London

The 1420 VAL Spigot is available from selected retailers in the UK and direct from me for US or UK customers.

I've just updated the 1420 VAL Spigot HOW TO GUIDE which is now available from Issuu

iLux lighting is available from Photomart and LEE Filters gels from numerous sources including Wex & The Flash Centre 

If you're serious about your photographic lighting then maybe The LIGHT Side Facebook group will interest you. It's about all things to do with light and lighting. TLS is a closed group so someone will need to add you or you'll need to send a request to be added. It's a friendly group, with a degree of humour and some great photographers willing to share and contribute.


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