Elinchrom FS30 & Litemotiv Announced

Elinchrom announced a number of new modifiers and accessories recently, including the S30 fresnel spotlight with a 20° to 45° variable beam angle which looks suspiciously like the Spotlite S35 which I remember using in studios many moons ago. It's EL fit so will fit most Elinchrom heads made since 1972. This light has remained popular with secondhand example fetching between £400 & £600 on Ebay!

This light will be particular interest to fashion, beauty & photographers who shoot in the retro Hollywood style.

There's also (finally) a heavy duty EL adaptor for Quadra users so they can fit heavier accessories to Quadra heads.

There's also the Litemotive 16 panel deep silvered surface collapsible parabolic reflector available in 120cm & 190cm diameters.

So far I can't see any information on The Flash Centre website www.theflashcentre.com or the main Elinchrom LTD website www.elinchrom.com

Anyone interested should contact either Simon Burfoot or Brian Collier at TFC in Birmingham for more information, prices and availability.


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