Rogue Flash Bender in use

Today I needed to create a very quick image of a small Jack Russell terrier for a website I designed and manage.

Pip is a working dog so she needs a decent head shot. She greets the clients at her owners stone yard

As these small dogs don't sit still for long, I needed a rapid set-up - enter on-camera flash. Yes, that's right, I used a Canon 580 EXII on my camera hot shoe! I know that I preach off-camera lighting at every opportunity, but there are times when it's just not possible.

To soften the effect of the hard edge light from the Speedlite I used a Stofen Omnibounce in combination with a Large Rogue Flash Bender to give me a double diffused soft light close to the camera lens axis.

Ambient daylight was heavy overcast cloud. The camera was set to Av, 125 ISO.  Camera exposure compensation -1 ⅔ stops - flash exposure compensation +1 ⅓ stops. Lens, 85mm ƒ/1.8 at ƒ/4.

Image is straight out of camera with just my usual processing in Adobe ACR.

Simple is good. As is the ability to relate to and communicate with the client. In this case the owner, with my guidance, was standing behind me with a dog toy to gain Pip's attention. This is frame 3 of about 8. The phone rang which closed the session.


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