Avenger D200 vs Kupo KCP200 Grip Head

The grip head is one of the most useful bits of grip in any lighting photographer and film makers bag. They allow you to position lights, scrims, overheads, diffusers where you want them. Until recently I used Avenger D200 grip heads but experienced difficulty obtaining them in 2013 so sought an alternative - Kupo Grip to the rescue.

Quick iPhone snap with a touch of PS processing!

Basically, both the Avenger D200 and Kupo Grip KCP200 are well made from cast metal. Kupo have taken their design up a notch or two with a solid cast locking handle instead of the rubber over metal of the D200, the profile of the slots which take rods, poles, spigots etc on the KCP200 is flatter with small grooves allowing profiles other than round to be used. The friction area on the KCP200 is toothed with a soft metal friction plate, rather than the smooth sides and fibre friction surface of the D200. This means the Kupo Grip product secures the head with less tendency to slipping. Both heads will accommodate rods etc from around 2mm to in excess of 16mm ⅝" - I regularly use both of these grip heads with either a DIY scrim frame made from ¾" plastic waste pipe or a California Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector.

Avenger D200 2.5in Grip Head

Kupo Grip KCP200 2.5in Grip Head

Imported in UK by Ianiro


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