1420 VAL Spigot Double Flash Bracket

There will be times when it's desirable or necessary to use multiple flash heads or Speedlites to increase output and reduce recycle times between flashes. With Speedlites there are a few custom solutions on the market which can be pricey.

Double Speedlite Adaptor

Using two 1420 VAL Spigots and a length of aluminium bar I've created a simple solution which will accept ¼" 20 UNC female threaded cold shoe adaptors such as the Enlight Photo Frio.

I believe that kit and accessories should have multiple uses which is why I don't own a multiple Speedlite adaptor. Most photographers who work with Speedlites will own a brolly adaptor bracket, such as the Manfrotto 026 Lite Tite Swivel or the Kupo Grip KS-101 Umbrella Bracket which is also more suited to the bigger and parabolic brollies because of the larger grip area.

Unlike specially made multiple flash adaptors each light may may be adjusted individually if required.

Kit List
  • 2 x 1420 VAL Spigots
  • 1 x ¾" 1420 Joining Bar
  • 1 x Kupo KS-039 Hot Shoe Adaptor
  • 1 x Frio Cold Shoe
  • 1 x Manfrotto Lite Tite Swivel
  • 1 x ⅝" spigot
  • 1 x Super or Convi Clamp
If Speedlites down give you enough power, you can always rig a couple of Elinchrom Ranger Quadra A heads connected to individual power packs giving a potential 800w or the equivalent of 16 (yes, sixteen) average Speedlites or hotshot flash!

You can't fix Quadra's or for that matter ⅝" fitting lights to multiple Speedlite adaptors. 

If you loose the brolly this set-up can be used with a diffusion panel. With a longer bar separation between the lights can be increased giving wider coverage without too much overlap of lights. 

Tilt the lights outward without a modifier in place for a direct broad light source.

Elinchrom flash is available from The Flash Centre. Email Simon Burfoot or call Brian Collier at the Birmingham branch.

The 1420 VAL Spigot is available from selected retailers in the UK and direct from me for US or UK customers.

If you're serious about your photographic lighting then maybe The LIGHT Side Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/thelightsidegroup/ will interest you. It's about all things to do with light and lighting. TLS is a closed group so someone will need to add you or you'll need to send a request to be added. It's a friendly group, with a degree of humour and some great photographers willing to share and contribute.


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  2. I'm coding the selling page now. So will be available in the next few days.


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