I've recently been given the opportunity to test a new LED light in the studio. It's a beast of a light both in terms of output and weight (8.9kg). The SGM P5-TW is primarily intended for architectural, TV & stage use as a wash light, one used to illuminate large areas of walls or backgrounds. I'm going to stick my neck and say that it also has the potential to be a very useful stills and video photography light.

Meet 'arry. Don't ask where his arms are, it's a long story.
SGM P5-TW a very nice light indeed.
Note the jaggy shadows as a result of the 44 surface mount multiple LEDs in the light, not an issue with diffusion.

For those of you interested, camera settings based on an incident meter reading directed at the light and not the camera: f/8, 1/30th, ISO 160 with the light 1700mm (63 inches) from 'arry.

Jaggy shadows are not the end of the world, the addition of some 3032 Light Grid Cloth softens the shadows nicely!

There are 2 features which attract me to this light, the MASSIVE output 30,000 Lumens (yes, this is not a typo) which can be dimmed to a gnats whisker above zero, the colour can be tuned to taste from 2200K to 5600K - basically candle light to daylight in one package and without colour correction gels! Giving you the chance to add some warmth to your key light.

Warmth may be dialled into taste, just like seasoning your food. Here I've added around 40% 3200K to 100% 5600K.

As the P5-TW is designed for architecture, TV & theatre, control is not as simple as a couple of knobs. It uses the DMX standard for remote control meaning we had to connect it to a PC to run it as we don't own a DMX control console! There is a 4 way arrow controlled menu on the unit which in practice when you're tired or in a hurry is just plain cumbersome.

One thing the P5-TW can do is flash just light a studio flash, in this case at 30,000 Lumens when on full power - so I guess there's a possibility that with some modification/reprogramming the P5-TW could be a very desirable colour tunable continuous and discontinuous light source all in one unit!

In the current form this light is designed for static use not mobility. Mounting to a heavy duty studio light stand required a whole load of Super Clamps and spigots.

Thank you to Matt Wiseman of SGM for bringing this not so little beauty to my attention.


  1. Just bought a smiliar one from B&H 220 W of power you can fit in your hand, great bit of kit. its the switronix bolt light.


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