Photo Live 2013

To prove that The LIGHT Side is more than just a Facebook group a few of us decided to meet at the Photo Live event in London. I have read mixed reviews about the event but should say we enjoyed meeting at the event, talking lighting and socialising at the local Wagamama restaurant later in the day.

It's our intention that members of The LIGHT Side meet when able and discuss, share and practice their lighting techniques and experiences. A bit like a group of Monty Python fans who meet and recite the Parrot Sketch!

One thing was discovered, when Calvin Chinthaka compared his Westcott Ice Light to my Rosco 12" x 3" Litepad Axiom the Litepad was the brighter light. And the Litepad benefits from an egg crate and coloured filters. OK, I may have been cheating as I ran the Litepad from a 12VDC auto jump start pack, but I wouldn't run it from anything delivering less juice now! It's just a shame we omitted to take any snaps of the comparison.

As with anything to do with The LIGHT Side we undertook a lighting exercise during lunch. Lee WizardSleeve Gorecki set up his camera and one of the restaurant staff temporarily became a photographer - he could have been for all we knew from the way he held the camera!

The Motley LIGHT Side Crew
L - R Pete Williams, Ian Pack, Will Delves, Calvin Chinthaka & Lee WizardSleeve Gorecki

And in what has become a true LIGHT Side expectation/tradition, here's the lighting sketch for the image, complete with dodgy retro spot colour!

Guess who ended up sketching the lighting diagram? The final sketch was photographed with my iPhone and lit with the torches from other iPhones, hence the uneven lighting.

Like the author, the drawing is a bit rough around the edges, but it gives you an idea of positions of all the light sources which contributed to lighting the scene. Below are images of said light sources, which one goes where on the drawing? No prizes for guessing, what we're trying to do is get people to continually see the light wherever they are and the opportunities that light presents.

The LIGHT Side is a democratic bunch so me being in the minority was subjected to torture by light, that from iPhones and below is the image created by Lee. Necessity is the mother of invention, or adapt and improvise. Just typical, not one one of us has a spare Speedlite in their pocket. Not a pretty sight, but then as it's at the end this blog you only need to take a brief look;)

Remember that The LIGHT Side was created for the benefit of all members to contribute, comment and develop light and lighting skills in a friendly environment. The group now numbers over 1,100 members since formation on 10th June 2013. There are active members (including a few big names) with experience across many photography genre. There are members who share images in the group as they know they will be safe from negative comment and destructive criticism. There are also members whose confidence has been boosted as a result of being part of The LIGHT Side who have used the knowledge gained and shared the resultant images created with the group.

Come in from the dark and join The LIGHT Side soon, you have nothing to loose and much to gain

Our thanks to Lee WizardSleeve Gorecki of Pixel Trap Photography for providing the images. Nice one Lee:)


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