Orbis Ring Flash - On a Boom Arm

Orbis Ring Flash fixed to a lighting stand with a Gaffer Grip

My preference when working alone with my Orbis Ring Flash is to mount it on a boom and lighting stand which allows me to position it precisely where I want to it.

The set-up is based around existing lighting grip gear from my collection.

The Orbis Ring Flash is clamped in a Gaffer Grip, in this case an ancient Strand device. The Gaffer Grip has a standard 16mm 5/8th" spigot which is inserted into a Manfrotto MN026 Lite Tite Swivel and Umbrella Adaptor, which in to is fixed to a length of metal 16mm 5/8th" tube or rod. The carry strap supplied with the Orbis is used as safety cord secured to the Gaffer Grip.

This is fixed to the lighting stand with an Avenger D200 grip head. This allows the metal tube to be extended and swivelled for precise positioning of the Orbis.

 With this set-up you can easily drop the flash lower if desired. I strongly recommend placing the boom arm over one of the lighting stand legs for added stability. With care you can get away without using a sand bag on the base of the stand, but for added stability I'd opt for a sand bag. If travelling light you can always carry an empty sand bag and fill it when you get to you location. In the studio our sand bags are actually filled with shingle or small pebbles which don't produce dust like dry sand does!

You can also extend the arm higher without fiddling with the knobs on the lighting stand.

This is an alternative to the ubiquitous C-Stand which are generally heavier and more expensive.

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