Elinchrom 44cm Reflector Light Shaper

Retro Reflector on Modern Flash Head

Elinchrom have published their 2013 catalogue which includes one of my favourite light modifiers ever made, the Light Shaper or now the 44cm Reflector with Grid.

I have a (approximately) 30 year old Light Shaper - built to last from pressed aluminium with a metal 6mm honeycomb grid with in-built steel gel/diffuser frame.

This is why I love Elinchrom flash gear - a vintage reflector on a new BX250Ri monobloc flash head

This reflector/modifier can be used as a broad, soft light for small groups and portraits; products and pack shots; for more directional effects with the grid in place or as a softer directional light with a frost, spun or grid cloth diffuser under the honeycomb grid.

Here are a few images of my buddy Rob, an aspiring Rat Pack member!

On its' own the Light Shaper gives a good spread of light and controlled shadows with distinct feathering.

Add the 6mm honeycomb grid for more direction and controlled spill. Positioning of both model and light are critical when using the honeycomb.

 Add Rosco 3032 Light Grid Cloth for a softer controlled beam, reminiscent of Holly style lighting. In the image the key light was the Light Shaper, accent/separation back light provided by a 66 cm Portalite soft box, and background light from a Elinchrom Mini Spot Lite with Rosco 77138 Cats Window D Series gobo.

And finally, the bare white reflector with a silver deflector, so no direct light from the flash tube, which is reflected back from the silvered deflector onto the white surface giving lovely soft shadows with gentle gradation. Image processed with Nik Software Snapseed for Mac Desktop.

Elinchrom flash is available direct from the UK importer The Flash Centre. Contact Simon Burfoot and don't forget to mention this blog - simon@theflashcentre.co.uk


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