Lowepro Pro Roller x200

I've been working off line for the last few months so about time I caught up with some blog projects;-)

I have now been using my Lowepro Pro Roller x 200 rolling camera case since April 2012 as my "go-bag" of choice. I opted for the bag as it allows me to carry a comprehensive portable battery lighting kit along with a DSLR body, a couple of heavy zoom lenses and an array of accessories.

This short video will give you a flavour of what I crammed into the case.

The kit in this case will cover any number of assignments. I supplement it with a shoulder case containing a carbon fibre tripod, a couple of nano stands, grip head, ali boom, white shoot through brolly and a Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector panel.

The Pro Roller x200 has been well designed and has a removable inner section so the wheeled case can be checked-in and backpack carried onto a flight. I haven't tried to get the packed case into an overhead locker on a plane, but I have tried it in an Easyjet carry-on gauge/frame and sad to say the case is too long and the way I've stuffed it, too fat. I used the Easyjet frame as a test because a friend who works at London Gatwick Airport assures me they have the smallest carry-on dimensions! That being said, for bus, train and car travel it's a cracker.

A quick and dirty iPhone snap of my Lowepro Pro Roller x200
not even squeezing into the Easyjet carry-on gauge!

Click on the image to see the contents of my Pro Roller x200, including a 2 head Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kit with 2 x batteries, Canon Speedlite and accessories giving me a 3 head lighting kit in one convenient rolling case!

If you're going to consider buying a rolling case in the near future, give the Lowepro Pro Roller x100, x200 or x300 a go, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Shop around as there are some good prices both on and off line available.

My thanks to Paul Noble for filming and editing the video.



  1. LOL... looks like how I pack my back... I like the ideas of the wire lock on the case... cheers

  2. great post, carrying heavy camera gear is a pain without the correct bag


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