California Sunbounce Pro Reflector

A few weeks ago, prior to their appearance on Big Brothers Bit on the Side I photographed the comedy boy band Rogue 5. Time was tight for this shoot as they travelled from London to Brighton between rehearsals.

Darcy "Winston The Rapper" Rogue 5

Part of the brief was to create head shots as the Rogue 5 characters. Normally I'd use portable battery flash in the form of Elinchrom Ranger Quadras, but as the light and location were so good I opted for available light. I was working with my normal team of Ben Potter assisting and my daughter Hati assisting Ben!

Hati very kindly shot a few BTS frames thus making this post possible.

For the head shots I decided to work in the shade of an old shelter which gave soft natural light from two sides. The background as you can see was a bit grotty and was in need of over lighting - enter the California Sunbounce Pro a 6' x 4' silver/white reflector provided both light on Darcy and the background from the silver surface, effectively doing the work of two smaller reflectors. As you can see in the above shot, the 6' x 4' Pro did a very effective job of lighting two areas in the image.

If you do decide to try this, I suggest you have an able assistant hold the reflector as Sunbounce Pro reflectors also make very effective sails. On light stands, even in light wind conditions they require a lot of sand bags to keep them stable.

That's it, just a quickie today.



  1. Great shots but didnt the background affected your pictures?

    1. Garry, I wanted the background brighter as it wasn't the cleanest or smoothest wall I'd worked with. With time not in my favour, the quickest solution was to angle the back edge of the Pro silver to punch light from camera right onto the wall - this combined with a wide stop gave me what I previsualised.

  2. im liking your style. great photography.


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