Fotothon 2012 Brighton - Chimping Competition

A feature of Fotothon and our London Photo Walk is the Chimping Competition. This year the UK distributor for Hoodman products has donated a Hoodman Hoodloupe 3 valued at £76.00 - this is the ideal accessory for viewing your LCD in bright ambient light conditions!

You can read my review of the Hoodman Hoodloupe 3 here - to my mind a worthwhile investment for anyone with a DSLR camera who wants to perform critical checks of their images, inside or out.

For those of you not familiar with Chimping, let me explain; a chimping competition is simple - you select what you consider to be your best image from the day and display it on your camera display screen, the organisers will then choose what they consider to be the best image - do remember that the the judges decision is final and may be swayed by bribes yet to be decided;-)

Do remember that the Chimping competition is an opportunity use some of the picture styles built into your camera. If you remember to set your camera to record both RAW & jpeg you'll still be able to use the RAW file to create further images after the competition. And one last rule for the chimping competition. You may not submit the image shown for the "official" best of walk photo competition.

I will also point out that what looks good on you camera LCD screen may not be sharp or usable later on, so please magnify and check your image before presenting it. Also, think about what looks good on your small 3 inch or screen; does it have impact, is it compelling, will it grab the organisers attention? Think about multiple images of each frame when you shoot - portrait, landscape, wide, close-up, position in frame, framing and other compositional devices all help.

And don't forget, you can book your place now by visiting or

See you on the 7th July!


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