Wedding Photography Challenge

There are loads of people selling themselves as wedding photographers, so let's see who can really hack it. Back in the days before roll film or even 35 mm, photographers attended a wedding with the intention of creating a record for their customer or client, the Bride and Groom with limited resources, normally in the form of a sheet film bellows camera, a bit like Ansel Adams used to create his stunning landscapes - there was nothing else!

Here's the challenge: you only have a 5" x 4" sheet film camera and five double dark slides, that's ten sheets of film in total, what would be your choice of the key/must have shots at a wedding to capture the essence or spirit of the day? To help, you have an assistant/VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand), reflectors and one manual (not TTL) off camera flash.

And don't forget that you have no auto focus, or auto anything, so all the images have to be created/directed with this in mind! No prizes,but would be good to see your shot list on my Facebook page


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