Rosco LitePad Loop Ring Light Announced

Image Courtesy of Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

It's not often you can say "you heard it here first" but this may well be the case. Today Rosco Labs the US based lighting company have added the Loop to their range of portable LED LitePads. If you're lucky enough to be at the NAB show in Las Vegas then you can get to play with one.

Image Courtesy of Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

The Rosco LitePad Loop is a continuous ring light that provides shadowless lighting when used around the lens of a still or motion picture film or video camera. The light is soft and flattering as it uses Rosco's special indirect LitePad illumination which prevents your talent or model from squinting from un-diffused direct light. The LitePad Loop can be used on or off camera as it uses strong magnets to fix it to the industry standard 15 mm rail mount. Off camera the LitePad Loop will provide a useful battery powered soft light which can be dimmed with the Rosco Single fader Dimmer.

My mole inside Rosco tells me that the LitePad Loop will be available from the the end of April 2012 and will retail for between £499 exc. VAT for the Retail Box kit and £789 exc. VAT for the Pro kit. More information on the kit contents may be found here.


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