Fotothon SmugMug Free Monthly Photo Competition

Fotothon March 2011 Calendar Winner
Darren Kearney. Clue, Brighton Back Passages

SmugMug have teamed up with Fotothon to bring you the online monthly photography competition with the opportunity to win a SmugMug Pro photo & video hosting account with unlimited uploads and storage,  the ability to customise layout and sell you images online.

The current clue (February 2012) is Portrait of Life; you have until midnight UK (UTC/GMT) time on Sunday 18th March to interpret the clue and upload you images for judging. There are no restrictions on photographic style, technique or equipment used. Shoot film if you please, or even use your camera phone. It's your vision and the final images that are important.

You can upload your images here. Good luck, we look forward to seeing your entries, the standard so far will make judging a challenge!

And on 5th May 2012 we'll be running a one day Fotothon event in Brighton UK. Watch this space for more information.


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