Wedding & Portrait Photography Training

The ideal lighting workshops for wedding and portrait photographers

I've just announced a new series of studio and location lighting practical workshops in association The Flash Centre aimed at wedding and portrait photographers wanting to learn how to get the best from studio flash for portraits and controlling and modifying light on location for portraits and weddings.

Lighting control even in bright sun!
Image from The Apprentice in PhotoPlus May 2011
where I spent the day showing Anne Aveyard the wedding ropes!

These workshops represent excellent value at £99.00 per person, per day if booked in advance, and include refreshments, a light lunch and comprehensive workshop notes.

Afraid of the dark, then light it . . . 
A little flash can go a long way

On Monday 23 April 2012 we'll spend a day in the studio demonstrating how to get the best from studio flash, various light modifiers and reflectors. Working with a model there will be plenty of opportunity to put into practice what you learn.

And then on Monday 30th April well step outside for a day learning about available light outdoors and how to control, modify and supplement it. You can book one or both of these workshops, book both and you'll have a head start on the competition when it comes to lighting for portraits and wedding shots that stand out from the crowd.

To book a place visit:

If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of these workshops with me, you can get hold of me via my website.


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