Synology DS411+ NAS Enclosure FOR SALE

Digital photographers generate large volumes of image data on a regular basis. The biggest danger of working with digital files is the potential for lost or corrupted data. Apple computer users have a distinct advantage over PC users as Time Machine makes an easy to access backup of your system hard disk drive (HDD) and data on a regular basis with little or no intervention, but what do you do about preserving the integrity of your precious image files when stored on an external USB HHD?

The solution is actually very simple, install a NAS or Network Attached Storage device. A NAS connects to your Ethernet/Cat 5/6 hard wired network and is accessible by any users given access rights. NAS devices can be configured in a number of ways to protect your data, the most common being the mirrored RAID array or RAID 1, where data is written to multiple HDDs, usually two. In the event of one HDD failing, your data is still available on the second RAID HDD.

I am in the process of upgrading my system and as a consequence have a spare Synology DS411+ NAS enclosure for sale. The enclosure is new and in the original box.

This is a self-contained box which plugs into your network to save your data. The enclosure will take up to 4 x 3Tb HDD which are not included, but can be bought inexpensively from or similar. As well as saving your data these units can be configured as mail, ftp or web servers. The unit is easy to set-up and configure with automated or manual settings.

The Synology DS411+ NAS enclosure is a sound investment costing between £400 and £600.00. I'll accept £300.00 for this unit, plus UK mainland shipping at £12.50. Collection from Sussex may be available. Please contact me direct via


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