Worldwide Photo Walk Brighton 1st October 2011

Once again Worldwide Photo Walk is nearly upon us and dare I say (fingers and limbs crossed) that the weather is looking pretty good for October! So please don't forget something to drink, sun screen and a hat. Those of you with experience of English weather may also want to bring waterproofs;-)

We meet at the bus stop by the Royal Albion Hotel as it's less crowded than in front of Brighton Pier.

Google Maps

Hotel Website

The bus stop is to your right of the front of the hotel, as if your were walking in.

Some of you may choose to drive to Brighton. The car park we recommend is London Road/Providence Place as it's reasonably secure and rarely gets busy. It is also close to the finish of the walk.

I have prepared a PDF file for you to download and print with information about the walk.

Do come prepared to create a whole load of images as there are a lot of photo-opportunites in store for you, starting with the Brighton Breeze VW Spilt Screen Camper Run on Madeira Drive.

Info here and here

We then move on to what for some is a compulsory stop on the Brighton tourist trail, the Royal Pavilion.

Info here

We intend to do a "quick" group shot with the Royal Pavilion as a backdrop. Is there such a thing as a quick group shot of 50 people, especially photographers?

Then onto the Fun Fair - this will present a different set of photographic opportunities and challenges. We will be around to help out, offer advice and tips or in some cases hinder.

At 5:00 PM there will be a Chimping Competition - for those of you not familiar with Chimping, more info here. The judging process for the Chimping Competition is very straightforward - you choose what you consider to be your best image from the day and display it on your LCD screen. Sorry film photographers, you'll fog your film beyond use if you take part:) We, Ben, myself and possibly Chris then look and the images and decide on a favourite. Our decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into. Judging may be swayed by means of bribes including booze, brown envelopes stuffed with crisp clean notes, preferably sterling and non-sequential numbers or other suitable means.

You will need to keep your eyes open on Saturday and look for images - I call this thinking with your eyes. To add another dimension to the event we are going to include 2 or 3 optional Fotothon style clues for you to interpret and get the grey matter functioning. In view of this, you may want to download and print a few of these - just in case!

There will be mystery prizes during the day.

Do feel free to hang around after the official close of the walk as there will be many more photo-opportunities. We may even venture back to the beach and Brighton Pier to create some slow shutter speed in camera SFX - click here for images from workshop Ben & led a couple of weeks back to give you an idea of what you could achieve.

Suggested Kit List
Remember, you are the one who is going to carry it, no Sherpas here! Ben and I will have our own kit to carry.

Note book and pen/pencil etc - useful for recording thing your camera metadata does not.
Camera & lenses* - any camera, including film.
Memory - loads - data backed up and formatted in the camera being used
Batteries - freshly charged
Tripod for low-light shots at the Fun Fair
Hot shoe flash or Speedlite and bits - may be useful for one of the Fotothon style clues we will give you. Can't say more.

* As many or few as you want. Zoom glass will always be more versatile than primes, but primes are lighter and generally better quality than kit zooms. Don't do what some have done in the past and have so many lenses that you miss shots because you can't decide the best lens - the best lens for any shot is the one on the camera at the time.

And remember, this walk is about creating some stunning and memorable images, having some fun along the way and meeting like-minded photographers - as far as we know any romances started on the WWPW have been kept under wraps.

Please do not forget to upload your images to the Brighton Worldwide Photo Walk page for us to select the one image which is put forward into the BIG prize competition.

That's it for now. No images, in this blog. Let's see what you can come with on Saturday and I may even feature a few in this blog sometime soon.

We're getting all excited about Saturday because it's about having fun - and this of you who know Ben & I will know what I mean:-)




  1. Hi Ian

    Unfortunately I have to go to San Francisco over the weekend so cannot now join you.

    I'll be thinking about the walk and may take a trip out Brighton in California to capture an image here :-)


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