High Beeches Garden Photography Workshop

Last Friday the 6th May 2011 started the day with diffuse light cloud softening the sunlight for the first High Beeches Garden photography workshop this year.

Stunning backlit colours isolated against a shaded background
with the aid of a Canon 100 - 400 mm f4.5/5.6 L Series IS zoom lens

As a result of the unseasonal sunny weather and little rain we have experienced in southern England the garden is a riot of colour that is unusual for the time of year. I can never recall seeing Azalias and Bluebells in bloom at the same time of year, you expect to see Azalias in June and Bluebells in April!

These Spring and Autumn workshops enable photographers to explore the gardens before hordes of visitors crowd in. This being said, High Beeches Garden in large enough that even if there are a large number of visitors, rarely do you get disturbed, but when you do they are always friendly and intrigued by what we are doing.

The next High Beeches Spring Photography Workshop will be on Friday 20th May, starting at 9:00 AM. For further information visit the Park Cameras website.

I look forward to seeing you then.




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