Youngnuo RF603 Wireless Flash Trigger

During my off-camera flash workshops I am frequently asked about the wireles radio triggers I use with my Speedlites. Strangely enough I don't use the ubiquitous Pocket Wizards as they do not always work in our studio. The allocated UK radio frequency of 433 Mhz is over populated by any number of unlicensed short distance remote devices including garage door openers, car security, alarm systems and medical data telemetry.

This why I opted initially for the Youngnuo RF-602 tranmitter/receiver units and shortly the new RF-603 transceiver units which transmit in the higher band of 2.4Ghz or that of WiFi computer networks.

I have used the RF-602 for the last couple of years inside and out. With the Canon 50D they will sync up to 1/250th second and in theory up to 1/250th second with my 5D MkII; except my 5D MkII will at best only sync flash at 1/160th second before the shutter curtain creeps into shot!

OK, they do not do e-TTL shooting, but when I use e-TTL I tend to use a 30' coiled cable as I find this more reliable than the Canon ST-E2 flash controller.

I'm hoping that when I receive the RF-603 transceiver units they will work with the existing RF-602 transmitter. Frankly, if they do not it's no loss when I'm paying about £30.00 for the two units.

The RF-603 has a number of improvements over the RF-602 including flash sync up to 1/320th second and inclusion of both PC and 2.5 mm sub-mini jack. Looking at the specification you can also use these as camera remote triggers with the right lead.

Watch thi space and I'll file a report on the Yongnuo RF-603 as soon as I'm able.


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