Wedding Photo Tips - Confetti

This is the first in an irregular series on improving your wedding photography. There are any number of shots that your Bride & Groom will expect to see in their wedding album, and some are more difficult to achieve than others. The confetti shot can prove to be a challenge for many photographers, so here are 7 tips based on experience in over 20 years of photographing weddings.

Don't be afraid to get in close for a successful confetti shot at a wedding

1. Clearly communicate you intentions to the people with confetti - you want them close to the bride & groom, just out of frame.
2. The bride & groom need to be close together, get them to put their arms around each others waist.
3. Check the wind direction, you don't want the confetti blowing away from the image frame - you will only get one chance so make sure your camera is set to a fast frame rate.
4. Tell the confetti throwers to pitch the confetti up into the air and let gravity do its' bit, don't throw it into the shot like bowling a cricket ball or pitching a baseball.
5. Generally, rose petals, not the dried variety make better shots than the paper variety, they are heavier.
6. On a wet day try and avoid confetti and the bride's dress - generally the dye in paper confetti is not colourfast until it touches the bride's dress. A rainbow hue to the hem of a bride's dress is not a popular look.
7. Talk to you bride and groom before the wedding and offer advice regarding confetti and what you need to do to get the shot they want.

Good luck and happy snapping'.



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