Giottos Monopod - Low Light Tip

If you don't own a tripod or monopod, I'd suggest that if you're looking for a versatile and inexpensive option, buy a monopod. They are light, versatile, easy to carry and with practice you can evn us them for shooting in low light where you would usually use a tripod.

 Giottos MML 3260B Aluminium Monopod

It's simple really. All you need is your monopod and something with which to secure it to a stable verticle post, pole or whatever. In this case I have used a adjustable bungee of my own design. I carry a few of these in my bag as they are great for attaching kit to the bag and in this case securing a monopod for long exposures in low light. OK, so the above shot isn't exactly low light, it could be darker, use your imagination, you're creative after all!

Close up of the Gel Clip Bungee securing the Giottos Monopod to a railing support

The bungee starp or cord is stretched around the post and tensioned using the slide adjuster. If the post is thicker, or even a tree, you can string multiple bungees together. In this instance I only needed one securing point. If in doubt make sure you secure the monopod with more bungees further down the monopod.

I prefer this method of securing a camera for low light shooting or where there is a risk of camera shake to the Joby Gorilla pod as you know the camera will not move. Do remember that as with any solid object any vibration from traffic or walking will transmit through whatever you shoot and cause vibration which in turn will cause camera shake, especially if you decide to shoot when there is heavy traffic around!

Don't be fooled, when shooting in towns and cities this can be quite a problem, even when using a heavy tripod as a support, especially on bridges and raised walkways.




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