Got the gear, but no ideas

Personally I find that a pile of gear just gets in the way of creating great images. Sometimes it's wonderful to go out with just a single DSLR body and a prime lens and shoot.

I did this a couple of weeks ago when planning a new Photo Walk - more on the walk soon, watch this space. It was refreshing not having to worry about choice of lens and just concentrate on what was going on through the view finder; my Canon 5D Mk II with 35mm f2 EF lens and a tripod!

Crab's eye view of the pebbles, in close controlling depth of field with careful use of aperture and focus

For this kind of image a desire to get wet, cold and dirty or a good groundsheet are helpful. I achieved this image with the help of a sandbag support and small plastic mirror to assist in viewing the camera LCD, a bit like a periscope. If like me you are used to viewing a laterally reversed image, it's not a problem and a lot less expensive than a right angle view finder attachment.

Late afternoon cross light and strong diagonals with a small stop for good depth of field

American photographer Ken Rockwell has written a great post on the subject of gear taking over from creating great images which you can read by clicking here - thanks Ken, you've saved me a lot of effort!




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