Frio Cold Shoe

Thank you to those wonderful people at Enlight Photo who kindly sent me a pre-release sample of the long awaited Frio™ Coldshoe.

The Frio™ Coldshoe is one of those bits of kit that any photographer who shoots with off camera Speedlites should have in their bag - not just one, but one for every flash and a few spares.

Most of the best ideas are simple and the Frio™ Coldshoe is no exception! This little piece of blue moulded plastic will accept most hot shoe flash units, including the Nikon SB 900 with its wider than normal hot shoe connection.

Remember that the Frio™ Coldshoe is not limited to securing Speedlites or hot shoe flash; you can attach any accessory, microphone, LED light that has a hot shoe type fitting.

Fitting a flash to the Frio™ Coldshoe is simple - the flash hot shoe just slides in and the raised clip stops the flash or accessory sliding out. If your flash has a locking mechanism this will add extra security. Removal is just as easy, just press the raised clip and your flash slides out.

The designers of the Frio™ Coldshoe have even thought about fixing the device to your lighting grip gear - on the under side is a metal standard 1/4 in 20 TPI screw socket.

These little beauties will soon be available worldwide. As I write the first shipments have left the factory on the way to distributors.


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