Frio Cold Shoe

Those clever people that bought us the wonderful Orbis™Ring Flash have now created the new must-have accessory for fans of off-camera flash or Strobist lighting, the Frio Cold Shoe™.

Basically, the Frio Cold Shoe™ is a clever plastic mount to take your hot shoe flash and attach it to anything with a standard 1/4" Whitworth (20 threads per inch) screw, the film and photo industry standard. The Frio Cold Shoe™ is a vast improvement on the camera manufacturers supplied plastic shoe as it has a metal threaded insert which is much stronger than plastic, so no more stripped threads. There is also a spring clip to stop your precious flash sliding out of the Frio Cold Shoe™ and a moulded loop for attaching a bungee of other form of securing strap. For Nikon users (not me) the Frio Cold Shoe™ will take the oversize foot of a SB-900!

Enlight Photo have put a teaser website online, but we'll have to wait until October to get our hands on them. I know for a fact that I will be ordering a few of these babies!


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