Shoreham Airshow 2010 - Park Cameras Photo Workshop - Update

Harvard T6 Texan

If you haven't booked you place on the Park Cameras Shoreham Air Show Photo Workshop, now is the time to do so. Earlier today I attended the press briefing with the Park Cameras Marketing Manager, Mark Robinson to hear and see what's on offer next weekend. The final display line-up has been announced and it looks like it will be a weekend filled with something for everyone, whether you're a hardened aviation enthusiast, or just want to improve your ground-to-air photography skills.

Hispano HA1112 MIL (Me109) and Supermarine Spitfire XI PL965

You can see the full display line-up here on the Shoreham Air Show website.

When you attend the air show, please be sure that you have adequate data storage and batteries for your camera. As an example, this morning I shot the the BAC Strikemaster, Blades aerobatics, the Me109 & Spitfire plus a few incidental frames and used 18Gb of Compact Flash cards! So over the course of a 6 hour display with over 30 different aircraft you are going to chew up a whole load of CF or other memory cards, especially, if like me you choose to shoot RAW and jpeg at 6+ frames per second on a Canon 50D.

Those of you attending the show should contact Park Cameras for a special deal on memory cards before next weekend - you'll not be disappointed!

The Blades in close formation flying Extra 300s

Those of you that own a hard drive storage device such as the Epson P3000 series will be wise to take it along ready formatted and with a freshly charged battery. Alternatively, if you have a MacBook or laptop, you may want to think about taking it along as a backup device, but quite frankly, memory cards are so inexpensive now, you may just want a pocketful of chips which will be a lot lighter to carry.

Hispano HA1112 MIL (Me109)

One of the main advantages of the attending the Park Cameras Shoreham Air Show Photo Workshop is you will be right at the centre of the display line with an uninterrupted view of the action - no climbing over other spectators or resorting to steps to get that crucial shot - the whole display is centred around the VIP area where we have our own dedicated hospitality area. You get the opportunity to get the shots that others cannot.

Another advantage of the Shoreham Air Show is the flight line - this runs roughly South West to North East which means the light for the majority of the day is falling on the display aircraft and not in your eyes making for better images - see the frame of the Harvard T6 Texan at the top of this article.

If you are thinking of coming along don't hesitate, contact Park Cameras and book you place now - the 2010 show is very special - it's the 21st Anniversary of the Shoreham Air Show, RAFA are using the show to launch the 2010 Wings Appeal, 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain AND we are running a competition for the best image created by workshop participants. The winning image will be included in the 2011 Shoreham Air Show guide. If there is a sufficiently outstanding image, it may even get to the cover of the guide.

I look forward to seeing you next weekend.




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