Think Tank Photo Retrospective Lens Changer 2

I recently received one of the new Think Tank Photo Retrospective Lens Changer 2 bags in the post. It was eagerly awaited as it's a camera bag with a difference  - it doesn't look like a camera bag, more like an everyday street bag.

The Lens Changer 2 is designed to take 2 decent size pro lenses, accessories and memory cards. Think Tank Photo specify a f2.8 70 - 200 mm zoom with the hood reversed. I tend to use a Canon 100 - 400 mm f4.5 - f5.6 L Series with a tripod mount and quick release plate attached, which drops into one of the pouches with room to spare.

Here's a short video showing just one set kit I carry. In this case for a location portrait shoot.

I will vary the kit I carry according to the requirements of the shoot. These days I do not carry any more kit than necessary. Less is more in terms of creativity and interaction with your subjects and clients.

On this particular day I carried my Canon EOS 5D Mk II over my should with the 24 - 105 mm L series attached and in the Lens Changer 2 the following kit:

All of the above in the 2 lens pouches with the following items in the zipped rear pocket:

  • 12" pop-up diffuser
  • 8 x AA cells for Speedlite
  • Spare battery for 5D Mk II
  • Note book
  • Pen
  • Supplied weather proof cover
Under the flap on the outside of one of the pouches is a Velcro™secured pocket to take the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket, complete with a loop to secure the leash on the TTP PPR! Nice touch.

The whole shebang is concealed under the large front flap which secures with large Velcro™patches which can be noisy in some situations - think of a solemn moment during a wedding ceremony or during a stage performance, RIIIIIPPPPPPPP! Think Tank Photo have overcome this problem with very clever silencers which cover the hook and loop patches. I do like the concept of the flap closure - you have to close it once you've changed you lens or whatever, thus securing your gear in the bag (no zips to remember to fasten!). See my blog entry about my 50 mm F1.4 for more on this.

This is an excellent bag, and if like me when working in towns and cities you don't want to be laden down with a stack of kit in a back pack or shoulder bag, this is just the job. The bag is lightly padded to protect your gear and reduce the bulk of the bag. The Retrospective Lens Changer 2 has a good wide strap with a comfortable non-slip should pad. When adjusted correctly (this will differ according to your taste) the bag can be carried on one shoulder comfortably for long periods without even noticing it. The long shoulder strap allows you to carry the Lens Changer 2 sling style if that's your way. And unlike a backpack you will not be bumping into other people on the street or suffering with sweaty back syndrome.

My preference is for the Pinestone material which is discrete and any brand labels are on the back of the bag away from the prying eyes of would-be thieves!

Yet another 5 star product from Think Tank Photo. Well done, guys!

Think Tank Photo products are available from selected resellers in the UK or direct from the importer, Snapperstuff.


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