Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 - Brighton, UK

Saturday 24th July 2010 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Well, I've finally got around to finalising the route for the 2010 walk and have updated the Worldwide Photo Walk website accordingly:

Detailed route for Brighton 2010 - click on the image to view larger

Ben and I decided that for this year we would change the route but still include some of the popular sights for visitors to the town, and one or two places a little out of the ordinary! There will be ample photo opportunities so make sure that you've got a wide angle zoom or prime lens with you as some of the places we visit are quite tight and are well suited to wide angle treatment.

The walk will start by the fountain in Steine Gardens (old Steine) and finish at Brighton Pier. Then refreshments at Ohso Bar on the beach.

We have been in contact with some of 2009s walkers who said that they'd like to go to Brighton Pier for some shots - especially some panning and blur/movement shots of the attractions. If any of you have an ND (neutral density) filter or polariser, make sure to bring it along. A monopod will be a useful support, which if you're not too sure how to use, I'll show you some useful tricks.

As with any walk in the UK, prepare for extremes of weather- pouring sunshine and blazing rain. Last year we were blessed with a hot sunny day, but who knows what the day will bring? Certainly not the Met Office;-)

The Chimping competition - we have Helen at Snapperstuff to thank for this idea, which I'm shamelessly using on many of my photo walks and workshops as it gets participants thinking about the images they are creating throughout the day.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chimping, it is the act of previewing images on the rear screen of your camera. Listen to a group of photographers doing this and you'll soon understand how the term originated!

The rules are simple:
  1. The judges decision is final - once all factors have been taken into consideration, including bribes and incentives.
  2. Images will be judged according to wind direction, ambient temperature and humidity - seriously though we generally choose images that look appealing on a small screen.
  3. Your final image must be created on the day of the photo walk between the official start and finish times.
  4. It's to your advantage if you use any inbuilt looks or whatever in camera to enhance your images as out-of-camera post-production is prohibited. If we see anyone with a sneaky MacBook they'll be disqualified!
  5. There is no right to appeal, see number 1 above.
When I get a chance over the next week or so, I'll get some images from the route and post the both here and on the Worldwide Photo Walk page.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Gisla Dwarkasing8 July 2011 at 15:00

    Dear Ian,

    I am very interested in the Scott Kelby's photowalk 2011. How can I apply to this and what do I need to do to qualify. I am a photography enthousiast.


  2. Dear Gisla, anyone with a camera can join Worldwide PhotoWalk. You don't nee to qualify, just sign up, come along and have fun!


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