Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

I'm please to announce that Ben Potter & I will lead the Brighton walk on Saturday 24th July 2010. We've yet to get our act together and plan the route so watch this space or go to the Worldwide Photo Walk website for updates.

The 2009 Crew

The 2009 walk was a great success and Park Cameras have once again agreed to give every walker a complimentary £10.00 voucher to spend at the Burgess Hill store. Together with the usual submission of your best images for selection as best of walk photo, plus submission to the worldwide judging, there will also be a local competition for the best image created during the walk with an iPhone and a chimping competition. The chimping competition is simple - you select what you consider to be your best image from the day and display it on your camera display screen, Ben & I will then choose what we consider to be the best image - do remember that the the judges decision is final and may be swayed by bribes yet to be decided;-)

Watching You Watching Who?

Do remember that the chimping competition is an opportunity use some of the picture styles built into your camera. If you remember to set your camera to record both RAW & jpeg you'll still be able to use the RAW file to create further images after the competition. And one last rule for the chimping competition. You may not submit the image shown for the "official" best of walk photo competition.

For anyone that didn't get to see our promo video for the 2009 Brighton walk, here's the Youtube link: Leave a comment, let us know what you think.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to marshal on PhotoPLOD until Saturday.



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