Gel Clip Features on Scott Kelby's D-Town TV

It's been a very busy week with a variety of assignments from a corporate gig for an international aerospace company to a local dental practice upgrading the the images for their website. But the highlight has to be my recently released Gel Clip being featured on D-Town TV by none other than the man himself, Scott Kelby!

The Original Gel Clip Design © Ian Pack 2010

I thought of the Gel Clip as I'm bored with trying to attach gels to my hot shoe flash units with bits of gaffer tape or hook & loop fastening aka Velcro and having to clean away adhesive residue. The Gel Clip is a simple solution to an old problem and compatible with most makes of hot shoe flash unit. It has been designed to hold just about any size of gel in front of your flash units strobe tube, including Rosco's Strobist Gel Collection, which are a size which is particularly fiddly to work with. That being said, I have a Gel Clip and a set of Rosco Strobist Gels with each of my hot shoe flash units.

Gel Clips are available direct from Go Pro Photo in the UK or from selected UK resellers. If you click here you can benefit from a special 3 for 2 offer on Gel Clips.

Once you master working with small lights, your whole approach to lighting will change. One thing I know for sure, now I can get big light from small kit when working with off camera hot shoe flash units - and all from a small(ish) wheeled carry on suitcase and a Lowepro Pro Runner 300 AW back pack! My light now travels light;-)

And lastly, Scott, many thanks for featuring Gel Clip. Very much appreciated.


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