Strobist Tour of Britain 2010

I'm writing this on the return train journey after spending a most
excellent day with David Hobby aka The Strobist.

Not too sure what happened to the rest of the post in transmission, so here it is! Sorry.

There was an excellent turnout, as one would would expect with a photographer of David Hobby's calibre. The venue was spacious and thankfully not too hot. London's Brunswick Centre plays host to a fine international food market on a Saturday, so we were not short of choice at breaks and lunch time. I found a most wonderful Morroccan food vendor where I sample a wonderful chicken pastry flavoured with orange blossom and almonds with a very tastey red pepper salad.

The amount of information David shared was much more than I expected and this was combined with what can only be described as a well developed sense of humour. Even though some may consider me an old salt, I came away from the workshop feeling that I've learnt a lot and buzzing with renewed enthusiasm.

Thank you the Alex at The Flash Centre for bringing together and to David for venturing outside of the USA and sharing his brand of lighting with likeminded folks in the UK. Well done!


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