The Gadget Scientist - A New Book for All Photographers

I first saw this book at Focus on Imaging this year and was suitably impressed. Why didn't I think of this?

Anyway, this is one of those books that's compact enough to carry around in your camera bag for those moments when the grey matter fails you or you think, um, that would be a good idea.

Here's the press release from Snapperstuff:

The Gadget Scientist Guide to Using

Your Digital Camera is a colourful,

easy to understand and pocket -sized

camera guide to taking better


It covers the basic and advanced settings

on all digital cameras, including point-andshoot

cameras to more advanced DSLRs.

It is the perfect tutorial and reference book

for everyone – no matter their level of

photography experience.

With over 300 colour illustrations and photos this guide will help digital camera users:

• identify the buttons, dials and settings on their cameras

• take better photos with AUTO mode

• use the advanced camera settings

• fix common photo mistakes

• learn tips and tricks used by professional photographers.

How much will it cost? RRP £12.99

Where can I buy it? for full list of UK retailers

Where can I see more info?

The Gadget Scientist product page link:  Gadget%20Scientist/viewproduct.asp

ISBN 978-0-9560321-0-2

Pages 216

Format Paperback (168 x 118)

About the Author Mark Burton is a professional photographer living in London. He

wrote this book to help everyone take better photos!



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