Bluebell Woods

I've just realised that the last time I updated this blog was Monday. It's been a busy week and all will be revealed soon.

The sun is out in Sussex and my mind is wandering to thoughts of Spring and all the wonderful photo opportunities this will bring, in particular the most spectacular sight of woodland floors blanketed with the wonderful smelling bluebell flowers.

Here in England we're blessed with some wonderful flora. Close to where I live are some of the finest bluebell woods in Sussex. Because of the excessive rain and snow during the early part of 2010 the bluebells are late in coming to bloom. Taking a guess, based on the bluebells in our garden, which have yet to bud, I'd say up to 4 or 6 weeks until there will be suitable photo opportunities.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on when to expect the bluebells. When you do get out to photograph this wonderful spectacle, don't forget your groundsheet and knee pads as the ground will probably be very wet when you get down low for shots like the one above. If you own one, a right angle finder will save you getting down too low. This image was cropped from a larger landscape format image. Also, don't forget you wide angle lens or zoom for some beautiful wide vistas. Try and visit the woodland at different times of day and see the effect the light has on both the flowers and the wider woodland.

If you go to your local woodland now you'll displays of wild garlic, also known as ransomes with their pungent smell and delicate white blooms. The leaves and bulbs and edible with a subtle garlic flavour. We use the leaves to make a wonderful pesto sauce. Um! I'm off to pick some ransome leaves to make fresh pesto for the kids dinner.


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