Hoodman Hoodloupe 3

I've now been using a Hoodman Hoodloupe 3 for some time now and find it an indispensible aid when viewing images on the screen of my DSLR in high ambient lighting or for checking focus when shooting video.

The Hoodman Hoodloupe 3 is supplied with a well made carry case which can be clipped to your belt and a neck leash or lanyard for everyday use. The eyepiece offers +/- 3 dioptre correction and 1:1 magnification which makes focussing much easier than with a magnifying loupe (such as the Zacuto Z-Finder) as you're not viewing magnified pixels. The Hoodloupe 3 is also a less expensive option than the Z-Finder!

Here's a shot of my Canon EOS 5D Mk II down on the beach with the Hoodloupe 3 fitted. With the angle of the sun there's no way I could have see my LCD screen without the Hoodloupe 3.

It's attached to the camera with the Cinema Strap which holds the Hoodloupe securely in place without having to glue anything to the camera body. The Cinema Strap is fully adjustable to fit even the largest DSLR body. The Cinema Strap & Hoodloupe 3 are also available as a kit.

When working in super-bright conditions such as snow and sun, the Hoodloupe 3 is a great asset. Not only allowing you to preview your images but also check your histogram unimpeded.

Here you can see the value of using the Hoodloupe 3 - look at the reflections on the LCD screen. Much easier with the Hoodloupe fitted. The Hoodloupe 3 is very well designed and constructed and easy to hold even with gloved hands.

This is new new manual recording menu within the Firmware upgrade 2.0.4 for the Canon 5D Mk II. And here is the Hoodloupe 3 in position ready for video action beside a busy motorway. One word of advice - learn to shoot with both eyes open, especially when working close to roads or other potentially dangerous locations. It helps to be able to see what's going on around you!

In this shot the Canon EOS 5D Mk II is mounted on a Manfrotto 700RC2 Mini Video Head (out of shot). On the hot shoe is a Rode SM3 Shock Mount with a Sony ECM-909A stereo microphone with homemade wind shield. The mic may be old but the sound quality is excellent - here's an example on this blog recorded using manual levels on the Canon EOS 5D MkII.

This is one of those bits of kit that should be sold to every serious DSLR user. At just about every workshop I run photographers ask me "what's that thing hanging around your neck?". I hand it to them, they try it and then want to know where to buy one. Here in the UK you can buy your Hoodloupe 3 from Newpro.


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