Joby Gorillacam

From the makers of the Gorillapod, the Joby Gorillacam is my latest favourite iPhone app! It's an improvement on the basic iPhone camera, albeit a bit on the slow side when processing images AND you must leave the app. open until the images are saved.

Gorillacam screenshot - access to the menu is via the icon at the lower left of the screen. The icons to the right show that I've activated Press Anywhere & Grid Overlay.

Joby Gorillacam is a well thought out and featured app. that includes:

4X Digital Zoom
lets you frame your shot exactly how you want it. Customize where your zoom bar is placed for the perfect feel. NEW Anti-shake takes pictures when your phone is steady, helping you get blur-free photos.

Self-timer takes timed photos. Perfect for group shots and self-portraits. Works best with the help of the Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS.

Time-lapse takes multiple photos spaced at an interval. Take photos as fast as 1 second apart, or up to 2 minutes apart.

Unlimited rapid-fire takes up to 1.6 photos per second. Just press and hold the shutter to take as many photos as you want at super high speed.

Auto-save lets you keep shooting while your photos save in the background. No more waiting between shots. Snap away, uninterrupted.

3-Shot burst takes three quick photographs with one tap. Never miss a second of the action. Plus, no more photos ruined when someone blinks!

Press anywhere turns the whole screen into the shutter button. Photograph yourself with ease!

Grid overlay takes your photography to the next level. Create more interesting photographs using the rule of thirds in your composition. Also great for lining up horizons or buildings.

Bubble level takes steady, level shots every time. Works both vertically and horizontally. Great for shots of horizons, landscapes and more.

The best thing about this app - it's FREE to download from iTunes. Highly recommended, especially if you've got the Joby Gorillamobile.

Here's are some example of frames shot with Joby Gorillacam and edited with Best Camera app and Photoshop Mobile.

As Chase Jarvis would say "The best camera is the one that's with you". Had I been fumbling around to drag my DSLR out of the bag I'd have missed these fleeting moments! So there's no excuse for not getting the shot.




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