If You Pay Peanuts...

If you pay peanuts, you get a monkey. Not as far as Nonja the 33 year old orangutan at the Vienna Tiergarten Zoo is concerned. Last week the Daily Mail revealed that this orangutan uses a modified Samsung ST 1000 digital camera to post automatically post images on Facebook. Everytime she takes a snap, she is automatically rewarded with a juicy raisin.

The Daily Mail writes:

"The Vienna Tiergarten zoo set up the project to help keep Nonja and her three hairy ape friends entertained in their enclosure.

‘Of course the apes don’t care about the pictures, they are just an accidental side product,’ zoo spokesman Gerhard Kasbauer said.

‘They just know that when they press the button, a raisin pops out.’ "

It's taking a quick look at the Facebook page - this morning there are over 75,ooo fans. What does this say about social networking?



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